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March 2019 – Current: Sole Partner. LEGALATIONAL ABOGADOS & SOLICITORS. Law Firm Gibraltar, Malaga, Madrid
July 2018 – Current: CEO & Chief Adviser TAHSENEX SL Company providing consultancy and management to cross-border investments and international trade Morocco Middle East (Bahrain, Oman, Dubai) -Spain. Headquarters in Melilla-Nador,
July 2018 – Current: Head.Senior Partner TAHSEN LEX Law Firm specialized in Foreign Affairs and immigration’s Law & cross-border investments and international trade Law for Morocco) -Spain. Headquarters in Melilla-Nador,
September 2018-February 2019 In house legal adviser of LEXLITE SLP lawyers for international cases. Marbella.
September 2018 –February 2019: In house legal adviser of MICHAVILA Y ACEVES MA Madrid lawyers for international cases.
March 2018-Current: Registered Practicing Solicitor of The Supreme Court Of Gibraltar.
May 2015-March 2018: EEA Registered Practicing Lawyer no.12440 in Gibraltar as sole practitioner.
May 2017-current Director. Sole Partner. Head of Cross border Law and investments Gibraltar- Spain; ROSARIO PARRA CROSS BORDER LAW AND PARRA& PARRA LAW FIRM GIBRALTAR
5th Nov 2015-Current: International Commercial Arbitration Counsel. Registration as Member CIArb Chartered Institute of Arbitrators London. U.K no. 34808.
2012-Current: Registration as Chartered Civil and Commercial Mediator.
2009-2018: Co Director. Senior Partner. Head of Cross border Law; Parra & Parra Abogados International Law Firm. Sotogrande-Marbella- Madrid, Spain. Visas, Foreigners cases, International Divorce, International Family Law, International Last Wills and testaments, Intestate Successions, International Admistration of Estates, Probate, International prenuptial Agreements, International Employment contracts. International commercial contracts. International Torts. International Debt Recovery. Litigation & International Judicial Cooperation on Civil and Commercial Matters., Interim Measures in Spain. Recognition and Enforcement of Judicial Decisions and Awards in Spain. Conveyance. Mediation and International Arbitration.
2012- 2018 Legal Head Counsel of various Companies working on Urban Planning, Construction, Real Estate, Public Procurement, Administrative Law and Local Treasuries: Andalusian General Services and Services SL, Projects and Immobilized SL, Gibraltar Buildings S.L., Bética Initiatives and Real Estate Management S.L., etc. Madrid, Sotogrande, Seville and La Línea de la Concepción, Cádiz.
2009-2011: General Counsel for European Affairs . INSAN Non-Profit Association For The Defense Of The Human Rights , Democracy and Development for MENA Region and EU.Seville
2006-2009 Adviser legal area of Municipal Companies of the Hon. City Hall of La Línea de la Concepción, Cádiz.
2005-2009: General Counsel for European Affairs.FDOPC Non-Profit Foundation For The Defense Of Prisoners Of Conscience for MENA region and EU. Madrid
March 2003-2009: Head of Private Law (International, Commercial, Civil) Litigation & Conveyance Division. Parra & Parra Abogados. Sotogrande- La Linea (Cadiz), Seville, Madrid
Feb 2003-Current: Called to the Cadiz Bar Association.
1999- Current: Called to the Madrid Bar Association.

Feb 2018- Current Application submitted as part time PHD Researcher University of Gibraltar
May 2014-Sept 2016 3Periods of 2/3 month: Visiting Researcher .IALS Institute of Advanced Legal Studies University of London. London U.K
July 2012-July 2016: Lecturer at Annual Seminars.International Commercial Arbitration. University Of Jalisco And IAPEJ (Instituto De Administraciones Públicas Del Estado De Jalisco) Guadalajara. Mexico.
June 2012–June 2017: Researcher . Chair of the Commercial Law, ( Finance and Stock Exchange Market) CEU San Pablo University.Madrid.
Jan 2004-June 2004: University Lecturer Subject:Political Economics, Taxing and Public Finance.1st Year of LLB in Laws. Centro Universitario de Estudios Superiores de Algeciras CUESA. University Of Cadiz
2002-2003 Member of Research Project Unification of Stock Exchange Markets In The EU” .Institute of European Studies. University San Pablo CEU Madrid and ICO Instituto de Crédito Oficial Madrid.
2001-2002 Member of Research Subproject BJU 2000-0253-C02-02 “Commercial Contracts and Institutions In Financial Markets” at Sciences And Technology Ministry. Madrid.
Dec 2001-Dec 2003: Scholar.Assistant. Researcher. Department Of Private Law. Faculty Of Law And Social Sciences. Ceu San Pablo University.Madrid.
August 2000 Speaker.VIII Congress Of Specialists In EU- MERCOSUR. (EU Comission and IEE Alcala de Henares) Rosario University Argentina.
April 1999-July 1999: Trainee. Stagier. Division of International Legal Standards and Normative Department. UNESCO/UN. Paris.

Chapter 2.“International Comercial Arbitration in Spain”co-written with Alfonso Martinez Echevarria y Garcia de Dueñas.International Arbitration. Compared Study of North American, Mexican an Spanish International Arbitration Systems. Published by Ed. IAPEJ and Ed. Porrua Mexico 1sr Ed. August 2014.
February 2019- current: Executive LLC.Advanced university course on International Taxation and international financial planning. Centro de Estudios Fiancieros. CEF Madrid
Nov 2018-25th Jan 2019: PG Cert. Executive International Taxing, Investments and Finance Instituto de Empresa I.E Madrid/ CEF.
October 2017-March 2018: I.MBA Instituto de Práctica Empresarial. IPE.Málaga
June 2016-August 2017: PG Cert.. Practical Skills Course. PSC. To be qualified as Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Gibraltar.UWE Unviersity of West England Bristol.
October 2015-May 2016: PG Cert.Professional Certificate in Competence of Gibraltar Law. To be qualified as Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Gibraltar University of Gibraltar.
21st Feb 2014 28th Feb 2014: PG Cert. University Diploma on International Commercial Arbitration to be qualified as MCIArb. CEU San Pablo University Madrid.
October 2009: MPhil. DEA in Commercial Law.32 ECT; Research Dissertation :»The extension to third parties not signatories, of the effects of the international Commercial arbitration agreement under the new so called LEX MERCATORIA. Analysis of comparative law and jurisprudence of the Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce-ICC” Average mark 9,5 /10.Universidad San Pablo CEU Madrid
2nd Feb 2009-3rd March 2009: PG Cert University Expert Diploma in Arbitration Practice. Executive Education. I.E.Instituto de Empresa College of Law Madrid
17th Dec 2004-27th Ma 2005: PG Dip BA. on Foreign Trade EOI. Business School EOI- Seville &EDRF
Extenda. 50 ECT. Chamber of Commerce of Cadiz.
June 2003 -Sept 2004: PG Cert./LLM /MBA Taxing, Investments and Finance Instituto de Empresa I.E Madrid/ CEF Centro de Estudios Financieros Madrid
October 2001-June 2003: MRes. Iuris Doctor Courses in Private Law. Private Law in the New Milenial.
+ 4 dissertations. 20ETC. Average mark 9,5. Universidad San Pablo CEU Madrid.
16th Jan 2001-5th April 2001: PG Cert. Law Specialist in Banking and Finance Stock Exchange Markets.
Center for Studies and Research – Bar Association of Madrid.
October 1999-September 2001: PG Cert. Preparation for Public Competition Examinations. Commercial Notary Public. Institute of Advance Studies. Public Competition Studies Division. University San Pablo CEU Madrid.
January 1999-September 1999: PG Dp. law and economics of the EU .Diplome Detudes Superieurs / (DESUP Law and Economy of the European Union) 30 ECT. Good Assez bien
-. B University Paris I – Panthéon – Sorbonne. Paris France.
September 1994-January 1999: DUAL Postgraduate Degree;PG Cert.. Specialist Degree on Law and Economics of the UE. . 66.5 ECT Outstanding A Universidad Complutense de Madrid & PG Dipl. Universidad San Pablo – CEU Madrid
September 1994-22nd July 98: LLB Bachelor of Laws -446.5 ECTS Outstanding, 9,27/10. Faculty of Law at Universidad San Pablo-CEU Madrid.
September 1992-June 1994: Alevels British &International Baccalaureat. The International School at Sotogrande/Colegio Santa Maria del Camino Madrid.
September 1990-June 1992: GCSEs. The Grove School. Hindhead, Surrey. England

March 2019: Professional course Appeal of cassation and procedural infraction before the Supreme Court. Illustrious Bar Association of Málaga.
March- June2017: Professional Course on Torts. Bar Association Seville. Seville
16th May 2016-17th May 2016: Professional Course Cross-Border Dispute Resolution British Institute of International and Comparative Law. BICCL. 13.5 CPD Hours. London.
26th Apr 2016-27th Apr 2016: Professional Course on Investment Arbitration-ICSID 13.5 CPD. Universidad CEU San Pablo Madrid and International Centre for Settlement of Disputes. Madrid.
22nd-30th April 2014: Professional Course on International Arbitration. 10ECT. Universidad San Pablo CEU Madrid/IEE Institute of European Studies and Chartered Institute of Arbitrator. London. Madrid.
30th April 2014: Professional Course on International Public Law in Practice. 13.5 CPD. British Institute of International and Comparative Law. BICCL. London.
March 2013-June 2013: Professional Course on International Antifraud Measures and Anti Money Laundering/. 3 ECT. Fundación Tripartita. Madrid.
2012-30th August 2013: University Diploma in Labor, Civil and Commercial Mediation. 3ECT. University Alcala de Henares. Madrid.
2011-30th August 2012: Professional Course in Civil and Commercial Mediation. To qualify to be registered as Mediator 25 ECT. Thomson Reuters. Aranzadi. Madrid.
5th Nov 2008-30th April 2009: University Expert in Telecommunications: Electronic Signature and Billing.
CEPADE. 3ECT Polytechnic University of Madrid.
Oct 2008-8th May 2009: Diploma as Technician in International Cooperation. 18 ECT. Institute of Business Studies Madrid. UNESCO Madrid.
16th March-13th July 2006: University Expert in Urban Planning and Real Estate Management. 25 ECT Business Practice Institute. IPE. Malaga.
2005- 20th Jan 2006: Professional Course. Expert in Consumer & Rental Arbitration. 3 ECT. To Qualify and Be Registered as Expert Witness and Chartered Member. Spanish Economic Arbitration Court of Law and Equity. Madrid.
2005-2005: Professional Course in Urban Development and Real Estate. 3ETC. Bar Association of Cadiz. Cadiz
Feb 2003-Oct 2004: Certificate LLM Maritime Law: University Specialist in Taxation of Shipping and Customs & University Specialist in Ports and Customs Management. University of Cadiz. APBA FUECA.
Sept 2001-March 2002: Certificate of Attendance Professional Course. Legal Practice in Private Law.
Bar Association of Madrid.
Feb 1998- Feb 1999: Official Professional Qualification. Chartered Real Estate Agent. Public Ministry Of Education. Kingdom of Spain. Resolution of 24th February 1999. Official Issue 30th Nov 2000.
1998- 13 Jan 1998: University Certificate Specialist in commercial contracts. 5ETC. Universidad San Pablo – CEU Madrid.
Other courses, seminars and Congress under request.
VI. – LANGUAGES: English, French, German and Arabic
December 2016: Arabic. Initial and Basic Level. School of Languages. University of Cadiz.
Institute FUECA.Grade C. Algeciras
23rd August 2011: Certificate in English Proficiency. Grade C University of Cambridge.
8th Feb 1999: Deutsch Als Fremdsprache Zertifikat, Gut (B), Bien 6,5/10, Goethe Institut – Institut Und Deustcher Volkshochschul – Verband EV; Madrid
4th November 1999: Diplomes D`Etudes En Langue Française (Delf) (Unites Control A1 – A2 – A3
– A4; Average A. Ministère de L`Education Nationale de La République Française, Commission Nationale du DELF DALF. Madrid.
23rd June 1992: Advance Certificate In English. Grade C University of Cambridge 12th December 1991: First Certificate in English. Grade C.University of Cambridge.
References to requirements and corporate, institutional reports upon request

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