International Recruitment
The majority of the entities that we administer are registered in Gibraltar; however, we can assist in the registration of entities worldwide and we do encourage assigning us a tailored made on legal and taxing efficiency analysis on your international
structure already in place or planned to be set.

Gibraltar it is a peninsular jutting off into the Straits of Gibraltar from the southern coast of Spain. The border to Spain can be crossed by car, bike or on foot, opening up a whole new country and Portugal is just a four hour drive away. Gibraltar has its own airport with up to 5 flights a day to the UK, and the international airports of Malaga and Seville are within a couple of hours drive away.

International Commercial Arbitration
Arbitration is fundamentally characterized by being an alternative system to the judicial route and equivalent to the jurisdiction of the State Courts.

We can also draw upon our expertise in tax and accounting CROSSBORDER SPAIN-GIBRALTAR all in one, to provide a fully rounded professional service offering to our clients.

ODR Online Arbitration
It is advisable to turn to a specialized professional who is in charge of advising on the management of these methods and drafting the clause for submission to these techniques.

Gibraltar enjoys a strong regulatory framework and there are excellent support services available in the form of solicitors, accountants and bankers making it an efficient and enjoyable jurisdiction to do business.

International Litigation
Although we must always strive for the extrajudicial resolution of conflicts, this is not always possible or advisable, sometimes the judicial process is the only way to defend rights and interests.

In Legalational are focused to our Customers due to our experience in Span-Gibraltar Laws.

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